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I am so happy you are here! Welcome to the site!

I am Serene, the creator of this little home in the web.  The creation of this site started with my endometriosis to log down my healing journey.  At that time, I consulted a very famous fertility doctor in Singapore.   The doctor’s recommendation was for me to go for laparoscopy surgery, followed by hormone jabs and lifelong contraceptives.  Not wanting to be reliant on contraceptives for the rest of my life, I started seeking alternative treatment.  Traditional chinese medicine, TCM, together with lots of prayers are my answers to my healing body.   My endometriosis healing has progressed much ever since.  With my healing happy body, I started exploring other interests including wellness, DIY, easy recipes etc.

Through this website,  I hope to spread love and happiness to you with ways on how to make our lives better, be it DIY, quick recipes or about life.

Thanks for stopping by!